Friday, October 18, 2013

"BOO!" Trick or Treat Bag

Here is a fun spook-tacular bag that I made for The Ribbon Retreat. Its the perfect size for trick or treaters of all ages.

Lets get started. Materials that you will need are:
1/2 Yard for outside of bag
1 fat quarter for the top band on outside of bag
1/2 yard for lining
1 Fat quarter for "boo" applique
1 Fat quarter for appliqued pumpkins
1 yard of ribbon for the strap
1 yard rick rack for strap
1 yard of orange rick rack for bag
1 yard black rick rack for bag
2 Pumpkin buttons for decorations
1 pkg of boning
1/4 of heat n bond

So lets get started. First we will cut out our fabric.

The front bottom piece needs to be cut to 18" by 12" (you need 2 of these)
The top piece needs to be 18" by 6" (you need 2 of these)
The inside lining needs to be 18" by 18" (you need 2 of these)

Now that you have all your pieces cut you need to do your appliqueing. For the pumpkins I cut them out of the fabric. You can do BOO like I did or your child's name.

Once you have your appliqueing done. You'll want to attach your top band onto the bottom section of your bag. Attach them on the long 18" end and press.
Then sew your rick rack pieces on top of the seam that connects the two pieces.

Take those 2 pieces and lay them right sides together and sew around all 3 sides leaving the top open. Take your 2 lining pieces and lay down Right sides together and sew around all 3 sides. Leave top open. Also leave a 3"-4" opening in the bottom of the bag.
Then fold your corner in half lining up your seams. Measure in 2" and sew a straight seam. See picture below. Do to both sides of outside of bag as well as your lining.

Take your lining piece and turn right side out. Place the lining inside the outside bag piece. Line up your seams and sew all around the top the bag. Turn the bag right side out through the whole you left in the bottom of your lining. Press the top of the bag flat.

Now we will add the boning. This will help keep the bag open and easier for your little one to collect the candy.
Measure 3/4" down from top and sew a casing all around the top of the bag. Then take your seam ripper and pop the seams in between the top and the bag and the casing you just sewed. Then thread your boning through the casing. You'll want to over lap your boning by about 2" inside the casing. Then close up the whole you made with needle and thread. 
Last step is your strap. Cut the ribbon the length that you need your strap to be. Sew your rick rack down the center of your strap. Attach the ribbon to the 2 sides of your bag leaving a 2" flap to attach your button. Hand sew your button on and you got yourself an awesome bag!

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